My name is Grazia Ekaterina. I live in Germany, in the Free Hanseatic City of Hamburg, near the Baltic Sea and the North Sea.

I have dedicated my entire adult, conscious life to the study of psychology and practicing it. Nothing is more important to me than to assist in the adequate development of the psyche, to see in each person their unique abilities and to help them organize their lives. However, creativity has always been around, despite my profession. I am also passionate about photography/videography and graphic design, so I find ways to organize and beautify not only a person's inner world, but also the outer.

There is an idea and a provocation in my paintings, but the main thing is what inspires me. And the things that inspire me are completely different. It can be a trash can, a seagull, or a beautifully falling light on the corner of a building. Once it catches my eye, a new concept never leaves my head. Sometimes, it turns into an idea to portray what I see in my own interpretation. That's why my paintings are so different in style and so different from each other.

The process of creating the paintings is very important to me. I always paint in a good mood and only if I feel great. I always have music in the background, from classical music to British punk rock.

I am very picky about acrylics, oils, canvases and even brushes. My work is based on experimentation with different materials and three-dimensional texture. As well as mixing and matching colors which, given my profession, have a therapeutic effect.